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How to feel stronger / wiser in these difficult times

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Hi and welcome - improving your mind strength is so important during these fast moving times... With stronger mind strength, comes better health and a stronger immune system.

I researched the power of the mind, self healing, the human aura, and vibrational energy, our personal 'vibes' for 6 years recently... Get the mind stronger / vibes good - then feel healthier.

Try to avoid too much time in the fast lane online, remind yourself 'and breathe' - remember to have a laugh with others - and many times 'stop to appreciate' something daily - raise vibes.

Good thoughts carry energy, for improved health...

So to some mind calming information... It's the mind we need to calm - when too many thoughts are in your head, remember to smile - maybe read, and avoid media and violent films before bed... Sit in a comfortable position and be aware of your breathing.

We all know what we should / shouldn't be doing to keep the body strong - but the mind sometimes goes on overdrive... Steady the mind - nice drink, eyes closed - focus on a single image in your mind, hold that image for 10 seconds, then again.

Try to fill your mind with good thoughts or something you've achieved, someone you've helped that day, and soak up those good thoughts and high vibes, yes there's good vibes in thoughts for better health and sleep, to keep you stronger.

I had a NDE back in 2015, I had become psychic - I developed a psychic 'gut feeling' clear knowing ability - later I became a Spiritual Advisor, and a Master on Spiritual Forums.

For years I researched mind power 'and' viruses... I joined the NHS Staff Facebook group helping NHS Nurses and Doctors against jab passports, get jobs back, on my what happened page.

We have a group protecting us and our kids, and in the future - 'WE WILL REMEMBER 2020' - anyone interested in telling your friends about this group as it grows - as it will......

I am a Spiritual & Mind Strength Motivational Speaker...

Many 1000's of people in each town believe in spirit, but many UK churches close... But things should change for the better in 2024 - if churches change slightly - create some smiles with the teaching, and not too long services - it's a busy world out there.

We / I as 'one'light' have a thread on Spiritual Forums, Christianity page 'saving churches' - job's done, 130,000 views in just a few months - now on mental health forums, helping people with voices / intrusive thoughts... I was busy on this before covid.

Helping to find a solution to stop this - it's all in the vibes...

I've joined this - 'Reform UK Group' - I think it's time for change for our kids sakes, make this country strong again - find a way of removing that national debt, or freezing the interest.

As Iceland and Sri Lanka, they did some sort of bankruptcy - or we find a loophole with threat of doing this to get interest frozen, so we can pay it off 'very gently' and be strong again the UK... I think something big is going to happen - anyway made my point.

We all have differing amounts of positive / negative energy in our system - that's mind'body'spirit - people who are unwell with trapped negative energy can get a rash or get sick, then it's doctors.

Anyone here reading struggling right now, go to my - 'My Mind Strength / Suicide Prevention Page' - learn to be stronger / wiser to 'complete your life plan' - the light after darkness is beautiful when you glance back - it becomes a strength.

More of my knowledge and experiences here...

Self healing has always been around, we've just forgotten it's available

I have done talks at - Prestbury House Care Home - Helping Hands Home Care Services - Woodlands Care Home - Hollins Park Care Home - and to the 8 young men at 'Manday Night Project' at Sutton Hall - and Disability Information Bureau.

Since, done talks at Sutton Hall, and for Cheshire West Rotary.

I was taught a lot spiritually over the last 8 years since my NDE - and especially on God's Mysterious Ways, and how that works... It doesn't matter what colour your skin is 'we are spirit 1st' - and I / we have 5 Facebook groups with many admins.

A section on well being here...

When stressed after a difficult day, you can rub your hands together and place them over over a pain area - there's energy comes off our hand chakras - maybe take your mind to a waterfall, and imagine the water / cleaning / refreshing you.

Gratitude and 'being in the moment' to appreciate, is so important for mental and physical health - so make time thinking of 'something' that pleases morning and evening.

Below are links to power of the mind / self healing information, for display

Anyone interested in completing the - 'Rubik's Cube' - using simple instructions

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