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Several years ago I was on a ridiculous amount of medication for stress and other issues, which I won't go into now.... And i'm not looking for sympathy because I've hardly taken a tablet this last year, maybe a couple of half blood pressure tablets if I've overdone it, and that's all... So now spots are gone, skin is better, even my eyesight has improved.

I've seen some 'expensive professionals' a few years ago, as maybe you, a friend or a family member has, so we all know about that expense....... So if this information is put around our country, we can possibly get 1000's more off medication, doctors appointments etc, like me at 66 years of age - think of the saving to our National Health Service, so time and money can then be spent on urgent issues, without so much delay for appointments.

Below is my after talks letter. If you work at these suggestions, it can possibly save on expensive stress reduction professionals. I've been doing talks at several care homes for the over stressed staff usually 8 people, and more booked - maybe you would like to print it off for your staff room at work.

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If my work helps you save on expensive professionals, then please remember to consider a small donation - give something back, its not even complicated, it's being kind, and we all help each other.